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I‘m running to be your County School Trustee on Harris County’s Board of Education (HCDE).

My platform is based on three simple pillars:
Taxpayers:  The HCDE Board has a fiduciary duty to its taxpayers.  Unfortunately, the current Board has not held itself to a high standard.  Once elected, it will be my charge to spend your money in the most efficient way possible.  We must maximize the value of your tax dollars before we even think about asking more from you.  Let’s focus on finding the most cost-effective services to support our kids and our schools in Harris County.  
Children:  The HCDE Board must focus on the children of Harris County.  This is both a constitutional mandate and an ethical imperative.  Unfortunately, the current Board is too focused on self-dealing and philosophical grandstanding to focus on the needs of our children.  Let’s instead make decisions based primarily on the question, “will this help or hurt the kids of Harris County?”
Public Schools: The HCDE Board exists to support both our county’s kids and the public institutions they attend.  Unfortunately, public education funding continues to be cut, and our cash-strapped school districts need help now more than ever.  Only the HCDE can leverage economies of scale and grant-based funding to reduce costs for our public schools.  Let’s work to ensure that high quality teachers and services remain available across Harris County.
Amazing!  Over the past decade, Texas is the state with the second deepest cuts to education…in the nation!  (Well, at least we beat Oklahoma in something…)
This only underscores why we need the Harris County Department of Education – to leverage economies of scale to help out cash-poor school districts.
Josh Wallenstein is proud to financially sponsor this year’s Coordinated Campaign.
Let’s turn Harris County blue…TOGETHER!

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