What is the Harris County Department of Education (HCDE)?

Quite possibly, the best use of county tax money, around.


The HCDE is a county-wide resource that provides necessary programs and back office support to our independent school districts. These include:

– Early education programs (Head Start, Early Head Start)

– After school programs

– School-based therapy for children with special needs

– Alternative learning campuses for children with disciplinary or substance abuse problems

– Back office management (e.g., records management, purchasing cooperative)

– Adult education (the largest provider in the state of Texas!)

Find out more at: www.hcde-texas.org.


The HCDE costs us an average of $8/year…and is the best value for your tax dollars, bar none.

For every dollar in taxes, the HCDE receives over $3 in matching grants and external funding. Simply put, it is the cheapest way to help our cash-strapped public schools and our most vulnerable public school children.


The HCDE leverages economies of scale and external funding to maximize the value of our tax dollars invested in public education. Based on a misguided understanding of how the HCDE is funded, there is a movement to eliminate the entity. If it were eliminated, our school district taxes would rise dramatically to make up for the shortfall.

As your Board Member, I will fight to retain the HCDE as the most cost-efficient and effective way to support public education in the county. Thank you for your support!