Why Me?

While elected, the Board Trustee position is a voluntary one. I believe I am well-qualified for this position, for the following reasons:

1. Contracting Expertise: the primary job of elected Trustees is to comprehensively review the many contracts presented for approval each month. I am an attorney with extensive experience in contracts. In fact, I am the only candidate running for this position (from either party) with substantial experience in contract analysis. I will ensure that the HCDE uses taxpayer funds wisely and avoids costly liabilities.

2. Compliance Expertise: the current Board of Trustees does not follow its own policies (most notably, its own conflicts of interests policy). Instead, these elected officials engage in self-dealing and do not honor their fiduciary duty to us. I have been an attorney for 2 decades, and a compliance specialist for 15 years. I know how to use both parliamentary process and legal arguments to ensure that the public’s best interests (our interests!) are served.

3. Negotiating Expertise: the current Board is polarized (on a partisan basis) and is often deadlocked. As a lawyer with significant professional experience, I know how to negotiate with hard-nosed opposing “counsel” to get to a win-win. I’m sure I can do the same with my Board colleagues.